About EZBUY 關於易集買


「易集買 EZBUY」是一個與社群網絡軟體(LINE、Facebook、Telegram)完美結合的網路應用程式。任何時間、任何地點、任何人都可以與通訊錄中的好友發起團購。從蒐集訂單及管理訂單進度、同時追蹤數個團購,使用「易集買 EZBUY」就是小菜一碟。

「易集買 EZBUY」的願景是:在台灣協助 10,000 人以最低金錢/時間成本創業,因而幫助至少10,000 個家戶倍增他們的收入。

EZBUY: Powerful Group-buying Helper at your side

EZBUY is a web application perfectly integrated with social networking apps, such as Line, Facebook, and Telegram. 

With EZBUY, anytime, anywhere, anyone can initiate a group-buying with friends in the contacts. From collecting buying to managing order process, tracking multiple group-buying at the same time is just a piece of cake with EZBUY. 

EZBUY’s top mission: Help 10,000 people in Taiwan start any business with the lowest money/time cost, and thus help more than 10,000 households multiply their income.